Odessa Vaki

forest gnome


Odessa is a member of the Fernassa tribe of forest gnomes, who are known for their hunting prowess, short stature, and their deep bond with canines of all kinds, which they use for transport. Odessa uses a wolf named Coho as her transport companion. Despite her childlike appearance, Odessa has been alive for over five thousand years, which is about one third the average lifespan of a forest gnome. Well-respected among the Fernassa tribe, she excels at tracking across all types of terrain and has an immense knowledge of plants and animals, especially those found in her forest home. Forest gnome tribes like Fernassa are reclusive and wary of outsiders. Most have lived in the forests well before the development of the current kingdom societal structure and do not welcome the intrusion to their lifestyle. Despite this, they recognize the need to trade and cooperate with other species. Odessa functions as Fernassa’s connection to the kingdom through her dealings with Sir Sol, as the various forest gnome tribes are not officially recognized by the king. She will work with Sir Sol’s other informants on this mission, but her primary purpose, unbeknownst to Sol, is to gather information for the protection of Fernassa.


Odessa Vaki

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