Stratus Nebulon

Shape-shifting mist


Young but reckless alchemist who was transformed into mist by King Killian’s personal magician for falling in love with the magicians bride. Although, meant to be a curse, the alchemist soon learned to control the mist in order to shape-shift. Now a wanderer who makes ice sculptures to make money. Nobody knows what he truly looks like, they only know the version of him that they have seen.
Physical attacks simply go through him but weak to heat/fire. Desert environments/Dry environments are difficult to traverse so it is necessary that he is contained within a finite closed space when traveling through these environments. Good in cold environments, humid environments. Fights with small ice chips that can be projected from his body. Also has a beam attack that involves refracting light through magnifying water droplets, can only do this for short periods or he overheats.



Stratus Nebulon

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